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Is your weight up and wellness down, along with your energy, mojo, and sense of self?
Are you sick and tired of feeling frumpy, lumpy and dumpy in ho hum clothes?
Are you generally thoughtful and kind, but not so compassionate or nurturing with yourself?
Do these challenges chafe worse than your inner thighs?
Your Nourished Life - Welcome

Your Nourished Life is a place to ditch your confusion, frustration, and shame. Join me and a vibrant community of fellow road-trippers embarking on a whole new way to travel towards lasting weight wellness.

It’s vulnerable to have hope about your weight and wellness.

Your Nourished Life - I Know

For 20 years I failed to stay on various Roads to Virtuous Eating and Exercise, sometimes skidding off course after a few hours, sometimes after a few months.

Finally in 2003, 6 months before my 40th birthday, I tried again… with such faint hope, I skipped a formal Before Picture (remember before selfies, when you had to ask someone to take your photo?).

I was sick of being sidelined. Of struggling with food. Of elastic waist pants. Of feeling stuffed and depleted at the same time.

Your Nourished Life - Before With Daughter
Your Nourished Life - After With Daughter

It was a trek with many twists and turns, learning from slip ups and successes, ultimately allowing me to lose and keep off 85 lbs for over 13 years now, feel my sassy, soulful self again, and savour my truly Nourished Life. I still need adult supervision in Bulk Barn, eat too quickly sometimes or in front of the computer, take elevators, forget to drink water, have Inner Meanie thoughts, and so on, but I don’t need to be a Paragon to be scrumptiously well, and neither do you!

Your Nourished Life - Approach

* beyond just information, willpower and behaviour

* beyond just intentions, mindsets and manifesting

* beyond just calories, carbs, cardio, and kale

An approach that allows you to INCLUDE and INTEGRATE aspects of ALL of these components into a customized road-trip for YOU, at this time, in YOUR life.

Your Nourished Life - Travelling with


to avoid the swamps and sink-holes of quick fixes, body shaming, forbidden foods and unsustainable diets, and to chart your best route for your unique palate, your real body, your actual complicated life … with enough science and structure to guide you, and enough flexibility, flavour and fun to stay the course


that is holistic and complete so you can know where to head to nourish yourself not only with good food, but also with pleasurable movement, restorative rest, invigorating play, heartening connections


all along the way, to fill up with the mindsets, skills and habits you need – getting renewably energized with compassion, curiosity, courage, customization and commitment


when shiz happens and you slip, skid or end up on fire upside down in the ditch… how to recover, learn and get back on track


to meet up with kindred travellers… my Facebook page is an awesome, honest, and rockin’ place to share, learn and belong as we take this road less travelled together… information, inspiration, commiseration, encouragement, playlists, heck maybe even some carpool karaoke! Follow along!

Your Nourished Life - Imagine Being

* at a healthy weight you can maintain without deprivation

* at home in your own skin, in and out of clothes that express the real you

* breathless from adventures and shenanigans, not stairs

* as fair, connected and non-shitty to yourself as you are to others… your Inner Meanie in check

* contented and organized to eat for Fuel, Flavour and Fun, with fast, easy, and delish (to you) options

* pumped to leave eating as a lousy Friend in the dust of REAL self-care

* stoked to see Eff It eating in your rear view mirror

* confident you can get back on course quickly when you slip

* deeply well-nourished in your life as a whole!

Your Nourished Life - Doesn't sound scrumptious?