Are you a curious, thoughtful woman?

Me too. My whole life I have been seeking ways to GET myself and others through reading, wondering, and having meaningful conversations, as well as education in psychology and coaching. Like all of us, I have also learned so much in the School of Life — the family I came from, the family I created, my career and friendships, divorce and dating.

Do you yearn for practical, real world, everyday results too?

I want tangible outcomes as well. I love the challenges of getting biology and behaviour to travel peacefully with soul and psychology in my life and others’. Creating custom ways to road-trip to scrumptious weight wellness is my speciality. Preferably with the windows down and the music loud.

Are respect and dignity for all part of your core values?

They are for me, big time. Shaming and exclusion make my blood boil. One day my friend Elspeth and I were out walking when a carload of louts yelled “fat sluts” at us… while I took some pleasure in shouting back, “we’re not sluts!”, it stung. I bet you have been hurt too by comments, silence and looks from loved ones and strangers… and from within your own mind, having absorbed our culture’s messages that equate women’s worth with beauty, and beauty with size. Gah.

Does your heart sometimes feel too big, too tender?

Mine does. When I was a kid, I watched Little House on the Prairie and Disney movies with a pillow by my face so I wouldn’t get teased for my easy tears. Now I know that my empathy and its offspring of Giving, Working and Doing are blessings… ones deserving of very good boundaries to prevent sliding from over-committed to overwhelmed to overeating.

Do you appreciate originality, individuality and freedom?

Do you feel caged and snakey if life gets too circumscribed, prescriptive, rule-ish? Yep. Give me principles of psychology and biology to guide me, suggest structures and routines to lessen rigmarole… but then let me customize them to suit ME and my quirks, taste buds, and unique life. YMMV — your mileage may vary. I wonder if you also yearn to have lasting weight wellness and a nourished life, YOUR way, this time…


  1. Paisley, mosaics, mandalas… patterns with color (or as we say in Canada, colour eh?)
  2. Playlists… folk, rock, disco, pop… songs for every occasion including emptying the dishwasher
  3. Forests, lakes, rivers, bike paths, snow… even though raising three kids in snow WAS like this including the twins part
  4. Lava cakes, peanut sauce, Yorkshire pudding, apples, cherries
  5. Doggy cuddles and antics


  1. Traffic jams, time in transit
  2. Music with misogynistic lyrics
  3. Waste… channeling my Irish ancestors on this one!
  4. Sushi, liver, cream of wheat, margarine, mustard
  5. Fame without talent

I struggled with my weight from my mid teens to my late 30s (very late: age 39.5 to be precise), ending up at 222 lbs. and with a 42 inch waist. What is sad (and all too common) is that I started dieting and overeating (secretly) at age 15 when I weighed less than I do now.

The beginning of two decades of being derailed on all five roads to overeating: my relationships with food as Fuel, Flavour, Fun, Friend and Eff It were all challenging!

I often oscillated between food as Fuel and Eff It: making weight loss plans that were so desperate, perfectionistic (about nutrition) and epic that they set me up for the relief of eff it mode… careening me into vicious swerves from all to none and back again.

I often left out Flavour in my “being good” plans… and this was disastrous for being able to stay on course for the long haul.

I also got derailed by eating for Fun as my love of rewards, celebrations, and enjoying food and drink with others made for frequent off-roading.

And I turned to food as a Friend when my lane was rough with worry, sorrow, grief, loneliness, boredom and frustration… and I was running on fumes for self care after giving so much of my time, attention, energy and willpower to my work, family and other commitments.

Oy, no wonder I spun my wheels.

Until I shifted my WHY lose weight to be on behalf of my genuine yearning for energy, mojo and freedom. For my outer body reflecting my inner me. For wellness. Not to become worthy, but because I was worthy.

Until I recognized that a Nourished Life was not just about how I fed my body with food, but also how I fueled myself with good movement, play, rest, and connection, so that eating wasn’t my only fill-up (and numb-out from how depleted I was). Of course it wasn’t all about saying Yes to Yummy… I also had to learn how to say No to No-Longer-Nourishing commitments, (over)work and relationships. Not easy, especially for a Giver, Worker and Doer. But essential.

Until I learned how to stop fighting with food, and start working WITH myself to ensure lots of flavourful fuel, and some fun foods too.

As a natural keener, I sure was lucky to get to go to school for many years, completing three university degrees in psychology, culminating in my Ph.D. and licensure as a clinical psychologist in 1994. My mom and dad get to send birthday cards to Dr. Deb Thompson!

Since then I have had the opportunity to serve thousands of clients in my private therapy practice, helping them heal, grow and thrive.

After my own big weight wellness transformation, I was inspired to go back to school with Integral Coaching Canada in 2005 through to 2008 to become certified as an Integral Master CoachTM with over 500 hours of training. I went on to credential with the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach with over 1000 hours of practice. My toolbox bulges with powerful methods to help adults change for good. I also got to coach people around the world with video-conferencing – 15 countries and counting!