I am so glad you are considering new ways to support and nourish yourself. You can find out more about working with me 1:1 in a custom coaching program here…

Hop on a complimentary 20 minute video chat with me to suss out if we are a good match.

You’ve gotten some sense of who I am and how I work… you are intrigued and perhaps noticing a tiny ember of hope that my approach could be what you’ve been missing all this time.

Let’s gab and see if what you are seeking and what I am offering in one-on-one coaching dovetail!

To book your free session, just book yourself in using my handy dandy online calendar… you have nothing to lose but feeling dragged down by your struggles with food and weight.

You are sick and tired of feeling fat and frumpy. You know one size does NOT fit all, and you are ready for customized coaching to finally:


  • lose weight for good this time
  • nourish and move your body in enjoyable, doable and sustainable ways
  • feel more at home in your own skin
  • get fitter and friskier!
  • become kinder and more fair to yourself… disarming your Inner Meanie
  • make rest, play, and connection part of everyday nourishment
  • work WITH yourself and your ways of relating to food as Fuel, Flavour, Fun, Friend and Eff It to stay on course
  • recover from slip ups with compassion and curiosity

Let’s blow this pop stand and hit the road to Your Nourished Life and lasting weight wellness. I’ll be riding shot-gun all the way.

First, we will dive deeply into YOU – let’s BEFRIEND and BEHOLD what matters now and why, what’s working, and what has had you spinning your wheels. Between your questionnaire answers, and our conversation, we will emerge with a powerful grasp of your strengths and vulnerabilities, and a clear plan for what needs developed to gain real and lasting traction moving forward. For good.

Then you decide what level of support you need in ongoing coaching via 50 minute calls to BUILD the skills, mindsets and habits you need for transformation and results you can count on, and 25 minute calls to nip those wobbles in the bud, and celebrate those sweet wins.

Fee Reimbursement

Although these are coaching services, because I am a Registered Psychologist, even when I am coaching, your extended health benefits may reimburse you for part or all of your fees. I will be happy to provide you with suitable receipts for this purpose.


Not Suitable for All

Please note that my approach is NOT for everyone. My coaching programs are NOT for you if you want:

  • a quick fix
  • rapid weight loss
  • to focus on food and exercise behaviors only
  • to be told what to do without having to participate and co-create
  • psychological treatment — I will be working with you as a COACH not a psychologist. If you have mild challenges with your mood, anxiety, grief, bingeing and/or over-using alcohol, let’s talk about our fit. If your struggles in these areas interfere with your day to day functioning, or you suffer from Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia or purging behaviours, then I suggest you speak to your physician for a referral to another helping professional.