I am so glad you are considering new ways to support and nourish yourself. You can find out more about working with me 1:1 in a custom coaching program here…

Hop on a complimentary 20 minute video chat with me to suss out if we are a good match.  

You’ve gotten some sense of who I am and how I work… you are intrigued and perhaps noticing a tiny ember of hope that my approach could be what you’ve been missing all this time.

Let’s gab and see if what you are seeking and what I am offering in one-on-one coaching dovetail!

To book your free session, please contact me.

  • Price is in CDN
  • If you have benefits to cover the services of a Registered Psychologist, let me know, and I can write receipts for your reimbursement

Before we blow this pop stand and hit the road to Your Nourished Life, we’ve got to get our bearings.

Coaching begins with us diving deeply into YOU – let’s BEFRIEND and BEHOLD what matters now and why, what’s working, and what has had you spinning your wheels. We will do so with your answers to my in depth questionnaires and a focussed 90 minute coaching conversation with me. 

We will explore your past patterns and current goals, successes, and challenges with compassionate curiosity. I will be there every step of the way.  

You will emerge with a powerful grasp of your strengths and vulnerabilities, and a clear plan for what needs developed to gain real and lasting traction moving forward.

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Let’s set out. I’ll be riding shot-gun all the way. After your PRE-TRIP PREP PROGRAM, our coaching continues each month with 45 minute coaching conversations to build the skills, mindsets and habits you need, and 20 minute calls to cover wins and wobbles in between, along with worksheets and homework. You choose the level of support you need to:

* lose weight for good this time
* practice maintenance from the start
* nourish and move your body in enjoyable, doable and sustainable ways
* feel more at home in your own skin
* get fitter and friskier!
* become kinder and more fair to yourself… disarming your Inner Meanie
* make rest, play, and connection part of everyday nourishment 
* work WITH yourself and the five Effs of Overeating to stay on course
* recover from slip ups with compassion and curiosity

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    • ALL new clients are at the Premium Plus level for the first month of coaching to establish a solid foundation
    • Clients are welcome to choose to continue at Premium Plus in subsequent months, or to enroll in the Premium or Prime packages
    • Prices are in CDN
    • If you have benefits to cover the services of a Registered Psychologist, let me know, and I can write receipts for your reimbursement
    • NOTE — the PRIME level of support in not available in Month One because we need the time included in the Premium or Premium Plus levels to get the foundations of your program in place
    • 45 minute conversations will be booked for the month ahead of time; these can be in person in Ottawa, or via videoconferencing anywhere in the world
    • 20 minute calls will be over the phone or videoconferencing, and can be booked shorter-notice, and under normal circumstances, scheduled within 48 hours of request