I had spent a year coming back from an injury and surgery, and was working out almost every day, but just couldn’t take any weight off. I was tired of not being able to keep up, always on the tail of the people I aspired to be like in my group circuit classes. When I met with Deb, I was immediately impressed with her honesty about my eating habits, and she continued to be a step ahead of me at every turn. When I plateaued, she examined what might be going on and supported me in making the changes I needed. Deb was constantly creative about how to get over my hunger by sending recipes and giving me new ideas. The one absolute best thing was that she did not expect me to change me…she helped me work better decisions into MY life. As for results, I have built my strength and become a better athlete. Bonus: I lost 30 lbs and have maintained that weight for months now. I am 3 dress sizes smaller! I know it made so much difference to get advice from someone who has lived it, walked it, done it, struggled with it and knows it from the inside out — Deb understands. If you wonder why you can’t lose weight, have tried without success, and are ready to make a change with support, you should contact Deb. She will help you create the solutions you need for *your* nourished life.

Marianne Patterson

I was looking for a specific kind of help in my weight loss journey that took me years to find.  I knew that feeling jammed into another set of unsustainable rules and regimens was NOT going to help me.  I made a real connection with Deb’s approach on her Your Nourished Life website because she is a trained and experienced professional AND has been through struggles with weight herself AND believes in customization.  I really resonated with her writing and knew she was the right fit for my missing link – the psychological aspect of weight loss.  When we met in person, it was confirmed for me that Deb is so compassionate and understanding — she knows what it is like to be on this weight loss journey.  She walks the talk! She has great tips and advice. Since working with her,  I have succeeded in changing my mindsets and habits after years of struggling… I have lost pounds and inches off my waist and gotten my blood glucose down to levels that have me and my nurse very happy! For the first time, I know that I will be able to continue to lose weight and keep it off because the ways of eating and moving Deb has helped me figure out actually suit me and my life… and I am learning doable alternatives to emotional and mindless eating.  If like me, you believe that the psychological side is crucial, I highly recommend that you work with Deb too!

Louise Boucher

My weight and relationship to food had been a lifelong source of frustration, shame, and disappointment. I came to Deb with the hope that she could whip me back into shape with discipline-focused rules about how to take care of my body with food and exercise. Deb helped me realize that instead, I needed help to soften my self-condemnation and develop self-care tools and skills to lessen emotional eating. I now have more self-compassion, am reacquainted with nourishing and joyful food options, and more fun getting some exercise. She also helped me move through some underlying grief and seek a new job that is less depleting.  My journey isn’t over, and it probably won’t ever be. But Deb helped me transform my approach and I now have a solid set of life skills I can continue practicing. Overall, I can’t recommend Deb enough as a partner on your journey towards a nourished life — her combination of humor, understanding, flexibility, and seriously powerful language is the best!


Frustrated, stuck and preoccupied with weight AND not wanting to return to Weight Watchers again, I hired Deb as my coach to meet my commitment to myself. My surprise was that not only did I lose these 10 pounds, but more significantly, the coaching was transformational in all areas of my life. Using her deep insight and skills, she helped me free myself from “old” stories and create a “new” identity which is paying off professionally and personally. I’m experiencing continued growth and freedom that I’ve never had and I’m applying the learnings still to tackle all challenges. As a certified executive coach myself, I know firsthand that Deb is one of the most skilled coaches in North America.  You can trust Deb’s insight, skill, process, and compassion – she will “get you” and help you overcome issues.


Before I worked with Deb, I had challenges tuning in to what nourished me, and what depleted me. It was hard to put my needs in the forefront of my priorities — I rarely rested, until my body forced me to crash. I made plans for self care, eating, exercise and so on, but they were too epic to sustain. I was not happy with my health and to some extent my body confidence and even freedom in clothing. From the start, Deb really helped me clarify exactly what it was that I wanted, and why. Deb has an amazing ability to help you stretch and expand your possibilities, but does it in way that meets you where you are, and doesn’t push too hard. I also found that because of Deb’s personal experience with the challenges of weight and healthy lifestyle over the years, that she was easy to connect with and could really understand where I was coming from. By the end of our program, I had grown (and continue to grow) in my awareness of unresourceful patterns; I am now more easily able to step out of the all-or-none patterns and get back on track with my self care. I am more able to allow my emotions, am more organized with easy meal prep, more intentional with social eating, and able to connect more deeply with practices and emotions that nourished me. I feel more at home in my body now, and my self care is so much more accessible and reliable. If you are thinking about using Deb as coach, do it! You won’t be disappointed!

Myla Wollbaum

I had been on a diet all my life.  I know what the books say and I’ve followed the programs.  But here I was again, stuck and heavy.  What I wanted was someone who understood the struggle and who could help me figure out what was the right approach to weight loss and healthy living for me.  I found the right person in Deb. Deb gets it and then some. She generously shared tools, tips and resources that were practical and helped me make better choices without being complicated or feeling burdensome. Deb helped me get a new and healthy perspective on my relationship with food and my health.  I still use many of the tools she provided to me and often hear her voice in my ear when I’m at the grocery store, reading  a menu or standing in front of the fridge.  I make better decisions and know how to plan for a “bad” or stressful day.  My health is much more of a conscious consideration than it used to be and for that, I will be eternally grateful to Deb. If you are struggling and are tired or getting lost in all of the diet information out there, call Deb. There will be no judgment — simply her big heart seeing you and meeting you where you are in each moment, and at each meeting, gently encouraging and guiding you towards your goals. 


Working with Deb is nothing short of completely transformational. She’s so easy to be with and open up to, that sweeping through the most untended corners of my deepest challenges felt safe and almost easy. Deb managed to stretch me in a way that made me feel like she was entirely on my side, walking me over to face what I couldn’t yet see or wasn’t yet willing to take on on my own. She’s insightful, playful and deeply committed as a coach and as a human being. Her compassion and wisdom opened up a tremendous amount of self-acceptance while helping me dismantle barriers that I’d been struggling with as long as I can remember. If you want to overcome the obstacles to becoming the best you that you have always longed to be, work with Deb. 

Chela Davison

Before I worked with Deb, I was at a loss about how to move forward in my life. Despite all the work I had done, I was in a recurring pattern of short relief followed by another dark night. Dr. Deb became a wonderful ally guiding me into a new beginning and a more resilient way of being. She got beside me immediately and I loved working with her. I intentionally sought out someone with coaching and psychotherapy skills as I didn’t want to spend years dissecting this further at this stage; I wanted the future focus. Deb blessed me with a wonderful metaphor for my new way of being and every week since our coaching completed,  I am reminded of the qualities and strength of this new way — strong seeds were planted that continue to bear magical fruit.

Deb C.

I had always been somewhat reticent, holding back in many ways because I didn’t feel quite good enough. In a few short months,  I was able to make more progress than I had made years ago in psychotherapy. As a coach, Deb is deeply insightful, warm and caring. She knows exactly when to push and when to embrace. She brings a delightful sense a humor and celebrated my progress. As a result of working with Deb, my life is more robust. I seek out more new experiences, I contribute more broadly at work, I have a deeper capacity for intimacy, and I generally enjoy life more. If you want to change something in your life, but don’t know how, or you’ve tried a few approaches that didn’t work, hire Deb as your coach.

Lois Bruss

I was on the brink of professional and personal burnout and quitting my job was simply not an option. My own personal hamster wheel was spinning at full tilt, yet there seemed no time or space for me. I was unhappy and overwhelmed. I had turned to therapists on several occasions in the past. On each of those occasions, I just found myself sitting on a couch complaining about my life. Not so this time as Deb and I commenced a 6 month journey to turn things around. With Deb’s help I learned to look at my life through a different lens.  Deb helped me to recognize and avoid old patterns and counter-productive behaviours. We worked together to set priorities, boundaries and new ways of doing things both at the office and in my personal life. We drew inspiration from interesting sources. We worked collaboratively to create that new way. I know that she cared about me and she worked hard on my personal plan.  I was able to successfully hit the reset button. I learned a lot about myself. I now have a new sense of control in my work, self-care is a priority and I feel more connected to the important things in my life. I cannot thank Deb enough.
Linda S., Lawyer
Working with Deb Thompson proved to be a pivotal time in my life. Learning how to stay in my body, feel my emotions, reach for the connection of relationships, feel supported by the Universe – via Deb’s wisdom and practical tools for how to do so, turned a life crisis into extraordinary personal transformation. Being coached by Deb is amazingly fun, profound, life transforming and deeply nourishing. In each session she gave me the gifts of feeling seen, heard, accepted exactly where I was at that moment, and offered a new path and the tools to create a more grounded, presenced, joyful, loving life. Being an Integral Master CoachTM myself has allowed me to get to know hundreds of coaches. There is no doubt – Deb Thompson is the best.

J. Flaherty

I sought coaching because I felt I was not able to move forward in my life, and had been going through difficult times for quite a while without being able to resolve it on my own. Deb fully grasped fully way of being, was committed to our work, and was amazing in her way of synthesizing, making meaning and linking it all. Working with Deb enabled to me to see how I was contributing to the situations in my life, and to start developing abilities to create a more satisfying life for myself. I encourage anyone who wants to change or improve something in their lives to contact Deb and to experience her unique and meaningful approach. I would go back and work with her again in the future with great pleasure and trust.

Diane D.