Let’s Face The Truth:

Squeezing ourselves into a “one-size-fits-all” approach to weight loss is just like pantyhose — a lie that leaves us bulging, frustrated and stuck.

 That’s why I designed this online course and community to support you, step by step, in creating a nourished life and lasting

Weight Wellness — YOUR WAY!

You are in exactly the right place if…

You’re sick and tired of feeling frumpy and dumpy in and out of your clothes
Speaking of clothes… half your closet is too tight, and the other half is “making do” stuff that feels less “temporary” with each passing year
Your worries about the health risks of extra weight are harder to ignore when stairs leave you breathing heavily
You avoid photographs or hide behind people, plants or purses… even though commemorating special moments and travels deeply matters
You feel old, out of shape and fatigued… sidelined from the adventures you would so enjoy if your body wasn’t so at odds with your true self
You’re mad, sad and even ashamed that you’re STILL struggling with food and weight… and confused given ALL your other accomplishments

Do these challenges chafe worse than your inner thighs?

I’m so excited you’re here, because…

Learning how to CREATE WEIGHT WELLNESS for GOOD is going bring you such freedom, health and mojo!


You and your kindred class-mates will be losing weight YOUR WAY by customizing your skills, mindsets and habits as guided by me, Dr. Deb Thompson, psychologist and coach. More on my story below…but just know, I *get* your struggles like no one who’s always been skinny ever could!

Are you sick and tired of getting tangled up
in these four slippery traps?

You try to be “good” with your calories, carbs, cardio, and kale

You feel desperate to lose weight (stat), and resolve to stick to a strict diet, “clean” eating, an exercise regime — perfectly this time

You feel in control, especially if the scale is rewarding your restrictions

Your plans last from minutes to months, but ultimately, the deprivation, hunger, inflexibility and weirdness are unsustainable in your real life

You end up feeling you’ve “blown it”, and fall into Eff It eating (if you can’t be on point, might as well go for broke)

You end up comfort-eating, feeling fat, and beating yourself up for “failing” again

When the PERFECTIONISM/COLLAPSING loop leaves you in a disheartened heap, you give up on weight wellness, and go with the flow

This is fattening in a world with bagels the size of babies’ heads

There’s temporary relief in stepping out of what feels like an unsolvable problem… and eating what you like… until all your clothes pinch, and you look and feel miserable!

You feel hurt by – and defensive against – the shaming and pressure to lose weight to look and “be” good in our culture

You want to feel and look better, sure… but not to prove or redeem yourself

Except that part of you that does… uggh!

What a vicious circle! Round and round, getting nowhere but frustrated and fatter.

Sound familiar?

You’re just one of many smart, kind, midlife women who are stuck in these circular struggles with food and weight.

Time for the good news:

when you learn how to build a nourished life and create lasting weight wellness, your way, everything changes.

It can be done.

Hello! I’m Dr. Deb Thompson, a 54 year old Clinical Psychologist and Integral Master Coach™. I began struggling with my weight and my relationship with food at age 15, when I started dieting, needlessly, in retrospect. It was the beginning of 24 years of looping through PERFECTIONISM, COLLAPSING, AVOIDANCE and REBELLION… ending me up at 222 lbs with a 42 inch waist!

Finally in 2003, six months before my 40th birthday, I tried again… with such faint hope, I skipped a formal Before Picture (remember before selfies, when you had to ask someone to take your photo?). But here are a few candids:

I was sick of being sidelined. Of struggling with food. Of elastic waist pants. Of feeling stuffed and depleted at the same time. Of fearing an early demise.

It was a trek to weight wellness with many twists and turns, learning from slip ups and successes, ultimately allowing me to lose and keep off 85 lbs for over 14 years now, and feel my sassy, soulful self again.

I still need adult supervision in Bulk Barn, eat too quickly sometimes or in front of the computer, take elevators, forget to drink water, have Inner Meanie whispers, and so on, but I don’t need to be a paragon of virtue to be scrumptiously well, and neither do you!

I have gone on to help many women one-on-one as a psychologist and coach with their weight wellness journeys… but I wanted to share my approach more broadly within the support of a group online course.

My WEIGHT WELLNESS YOUR WAY course is the distillation of decades of university, clinical and personal experience, with dozens of client successes — accessible and affordable within the comfort of your own home!

Imagine being…

at a healthy weight you can maintain without deprivation

at home in your own skin, in and out of clothes that express the real you

breathless from adventures, not stairs

contented, relaxed and organized in healthyish eating habits that fit with your REAL life

using doable self-care instead of emotional and Eff It eating

confident you can get back on track quickly when you slip… so you can stop yo-yo-ing and giving up!

deeply nourished in your life as a whole with yummy food, movement, rest, play and connection

For NEW results, you need a NEW approach!

Step out of the insanity of doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome, and join us on the Weight Wellness journey to lasting freedom from struggles with food and weight.

Say hello to…

Weight Wellness Your Way

An online course and community for thoughtful, whole-hearted, midlife women who want nourished lives and lasting weight loss — on their own terms!

Through groundbreaking lessons, webinars, worksheets and discussions, you will be guided and supported to understand and finally break free from your struggles with food and weight!

You’ll be empowered by an approach that is:


Become more kind and fair with yourself

Shed shame

Build your Inner Mentor

Care for your body with appreciation


Develop a holistic view and ways to support and transform yourself

Address all your relationships with food

Nourish with food, movement, rest, play and connection

Capacity Building

Learn enduring skills for lasting results

Get curious about yourself to customize your choices

Become braver so new moves are doable

And, most importantly…

You’ll learn exactly how to create YOUR sustainable ways of nourishing yourself and losing weight for GOOD — supported as never before with a system that’s whole-hearted AND evidence-based!

Make this fall your season for self-care!

Online Course

Twelve weekly:

Online lessons on your computer

Webinars: live at 7 p.m. EST on Wednesdays (Sept. 12 – Nov. 28)

Webinar replays available

Worksheets to customize and deepen your learning

Discussion prompts in our secret and private Facebook group

Office hours to connect with Dr. Deb

Lessons, downloads and webinar recordings accessible  for one year


$397 CAD

Online Course Plus Coaching

Enhance your transformation by adding:

Three 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions via videoconferencing ($600 value)

Three 25-minute one-on-one sessions ($300 value)

May be reimbursable if your health benefits cover the services of a Reg. Psychologist

Includes the course

1:1 coaching limited to 15 spots


$1297 CAD

$997 CAD
(payment plan available)

Read how thoughtful midlife women like you nourished themselves and lost weight with the guidance and support of this course…

This course is a mind blowing experience. For many years I would begin with some new way to eat and often by midday, I would break it. Now I feel lighter and free, and much happier. I am aware of my triggers and figure out intuitively what I need now – and I lost 11 lbs and several inches off my waist! Deb is a natural teacher and a beautiful guide on this amazing journey to weight wellness. I cannot recommend her course more whole-heartedly! You won’t reget joining.

Dianne Oulton

Before the course, I was having hissy-fits at the closet most mornings trying to get dressed. I’m happy to have lost over 20 lbs during Weight Wellness Your Way… and more so: I have learned to better engage with myself and others, recognizing what nourishes me and to set boundaries with those things that don’t. Deb is a superb mentor who has been through this all herself. Who should take this course? Everyone. Seriously. Take it and get well for good.

T.J. McDonald

I learned to approach food as a healthy friend, move my body, and put rest, fun and ME time in my calendar! I lost 12 pounds — even with some stressful times. Deb is extremely knowledgeable about wellness, health, people and how we behave. She spoke from her heart and soul because of her own weight wellness journey. I am so grateful to have taken Weight Wellness Your Wayit changed my life!

Cindy Middleton

It was great to be able to share my challenges and wins within an understanding community of women who just get it. Deb brought a real earthy, down home feeling to the content, even the latest research. I am now 12 pounds down and 1 inch smaller around my waist. I feel really good! If you want a caring and effective course to catalyze the changes you want and need, I recommend Weight Wellness Your Way!

Cheryl Whitelaw

After a 30 year cycle of losing weight and gaining it back, I have had a total mind shift. I no longer view my body as “the enemy”, and I’m free of toggling between Watch Every Mouthful vs. Anything Goes. I feel grounded in being able to live and breathe these habits every day from now on. Deb is a compassionate, engaging and funny teacher! If you are tired of always being on a diet only to gain the weight back, take Wellness Your Way — it is life-changing in the most amazing ways!

Kelly Petrunka

After a lifelong struggle with roller coaster living and daily restarts, I built dependable habits in food preparation (including foods I love), daily exercise and comforting myself without food… and lost 8 lbs without deprivation. Deb is an expert coach and compassionate soul. She’s real! Being in a class with other women was great, and I liked the online format even though I’m low-tech! If you want to feel energized, happy and empowered like I do now, do not hesitate to enroll.

Jean Casey

Peek Inside Weight Wellness Your Way

A new online lesson every Saturday morning to build your transformational skills, mindsets and habits, week by week

Worksheets for customizing the insights and actions for YOUR transformation

Community support inside a secret and private Facebook group where you’ll also access Dr. Deb’s office hours
Learning over video-webinars at 7 p.m. EST on Wednesdays (Sept. 12 – Nov. 28)… with recorded replays for when you can’t be there live

You choose

To WEIGH yourself or NOT


we will mostly be focusing on changes in feelings and fitness, so if the scale is not your friend, no worries



suits YOUR lifestyle, tastebuds and personality


you can keep up, happily, for the long run


is flexible and without forbidden foods


is one of four options I will teach… or you can pick other sensible plans like counting points if that’s your jam



has you feeling IN your body, destressed, alive and revitalized


is customized for whether you love or hate the gym, the outdoors, machines, classes, sports, trainers, sweating, and so on!

Your way!

Here’s Exactly What We Will Cover…

Module 1: New Approach, New Results

Nurture new roots of realistic HOPE by understanding the POWER of compassion, curiosity, customization and courage. 

Module 2: Habits — Food and Movement Habits

Get why healthy-ish eating is good enough, how moving your bod matters for wellness and weight loss, and begin to customize your plans.


Module 3: Eff It Over-eating – Awareness and Recovery

Step out of all-or-none, perfectionistic thinking and small slips becoming big collapses.

Module 4: Emotional Eating – Understanding and Coping

Manage your feelings without turning to food when you are stressed, lonely, bored, mad or sad.

Module 5: Planning, Prep and Organization

Create systems that suit your actual life (including whether or not you like being in the kitchen!)


Module 6: Eff It Over-eating – Prevention

Become less vulnerable to eating like an escaped prisoner by making your plans less jail-like.


Module 7: More Motivation, More Movement

Master motivation through its ups and downs… and get more movement in.

Module 8: Emotional Eating – Prevention

Prevent emotional eating as you build a more nourished life using these tools.

Module 9: Mindful Eating, Social Eating

Become more mindful and grounded in yourself.


Module 10: Building Nourished Lives

Make baby steps towards creating a life that’s more content, less depleted.


Module 11: Weight Wellness within Life’s Ups and Downs

Develop a Plan B and skills for not gaining weight when life isn’t steady… for fun reasons like travel, and not so fun ones like overtime, injury, and upheaval.


Module 12: Ongoing Success and Maintenance

Review core skills, habits and mindsets for long term weight wellness.



Plus These Awesome Bonuses!

Bonkers For Bowls e-booklet

Seven sweet and savory bowl recipes with maximum flavour in minimum time!

On the Table in Under 30 Minutes e-booklet

Twelve tasty dinners under 400 calories that you can be eating in less than half an hour!

Packed with Protein e-booklet

Twelve salads with 15 or more grams of protein to stick to your ribs!

Prep Ahead to Grab and Go e-booklet

Twelve easy to prep breakfasts and lunches to keep you nourished on the run!

Moving Your Body e-booklet

A guide to free online resources for getting in your exercise at home when time is short!

No one-size-fits-all, no deprivation — completely customizable skills, mindsets and habits to create your version of a nourished life, scrumptious health, and weight wellness at last.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight will I lose in the twelve weeks of the course?

I don’t know. It will depend on:

  • how steady you get in eating less than you burn
  • how readily you move away from perfectionism, collapsing, avoidance and rebellion
  • how fully you engage in your new approaches to food, movement, rest, play and connection.

Past participants have lost from 8 to over 20 lbs, and more after the course ended too.

Larger women can often lose a bit more rapidly than women with less excess weight. Younger and/or more active women can also sometimes lose more quickly.

The bottom line is: if you do the work, you will lose weight. But I will say, if you are wanting rapid weight loss, this course is NOT for you… it’s for women who are ready to invest in building nourished lives and care about sustainable weight wellness more than a quick (temporary) fix.

Can I get 1:1 help too? Some of my challenges feel very personal.

People who want to invest in a supplementary private coaching video call (or calls) are welcome to do so ($100 CDN for 25 minutes; $200 CDN for 50 minutes). You can book a free 20 minute Good Fit Chat here to see if 1:1 coaching with me is a match.

If you do decide that your transformation will be enhanced by private and personal support, you can also choose the Course Plus Coaching option, which allows you to save $300 on a package of three longer and three shorter calls.

I can give you a receipt as a Registered Psychologist for 1:1 sessions which you may be able to submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

Do I have to count calories?

No. Some people find tracking calories freeing, especially as they can eat anything… but for others, this feels cagey and makes them snakey. I will be teaching easy ways to take in less energy without counting calories… with more and less structure… you can choose what feels right for you.

Do I have to give up carbs? Sweets? Wine?

Nah. I am absolutely against forbidden foods, especially of whole food groups. I will help you figure out which foods support your weight wellness re ones kept in the house vs ones enjoyed outside… which foods you eat most days and sometimes and once in a blue moon as splurges or on practicing maintenance days… which foods give you energy and keep you well. We do have to change our eating habits to take in less energy than we burn… AND forbidden foods are not necessary (and are usually extremely unhelpful).

What sorts of food plans can I follow?

Ones that you can eat within *contentedly* for the rest of your life! So NOT those ones with shakes or pre-packaged “foods”. NOT ones that cut out whole food groups (e.g., extreme Keto — however, lowish carb is doable for some). Yes to Weight Watchers, low carb, low fat, Mediterranean, Zone, South Beach, DASH, Volumetrics, as well as as advised by a dietician if it can contentedly be done for life. Mindful/intuitive eating approaches have *much* to offer, but you likely need some structure to actually lose weight as it is ridiculously easy to mindfully take in too much energy, including from healthy foods. Most people will be coming into the course without a food plan.

I will be teaching four options:

  • counting calories using an app
  • counting servings of food groups
  • using a divided plate
  • having core habits/principles

I will be helping you to figure out which plan is doable for the long run re YOUR needs for freedom, simplicity, variety, fit with your overall life and medical needs, non-triggering of over-eating, and overall health.

Am I going to have to work out?

Negatory… if what you are dreading is the pounding heart rate, drenched with sweat, at a gym per se kind of “working out”. We will be working on ways to fit more movement into your life… both little bouts here and there, like taking the long cut instead of the short cut… as well as longer more intentional sessions of walking, or dancing, or swimming, or weights, or yoga, or hiking, or running, or martial arts, or squash, or pickle ball, or whatever floats YOUR boat and has you feeling IN your body, destressed, alive and revitalized.

I’m a pretty private person… do I have to share in the group?

No. If you want to comment or ask a question in the chat box during a webinar, go ahead. If you prefer to just listen, no probs. (Deb will be on video, but you are NOT… bring on the comfies or P.J.s!!) Participating and sharing in the secret and private Facebook group page is optional. Yes, the more people join in, the richer the social support. But you are totes in charge of how much or how little you reveal.

I'm not a very techy person... will this be ok?

Totally ok! The Ruzuku platform, which will have the lessons on it, is easy to navigate and use. Zoom is also easy to use for our webinars (very similar to Skype or Facetime). You simply need a desktop computer, or laptop, or tablet, or smartphone with a camera/microphone.

What if I have an eating disorder?

If you have bulimia or binge eating disorder, this course will NOT meet your needs for support and guidance. Please follow up with your physician and get a referral to a psychologist who specializes with eating disorders — you can recover! If you are not sure if your challenges with food constitute an eating disorder, you can get information here.

Can I contact you with my unanswered questions?

See what graduates are saying about their experience and results:

Deb is a natural teacher/communicator who is compassionate, thoughtful and wise. She delivers the most up to date and relevant weight wellness information with humour, empathy and understanding. Ultimately, Deb was remarkably committed to our individual successes, whatever that may look like, on our own terms. Elspeth Christie

Deb is passionate and wise. She wowed me with this full-on, informative, holistic program. Her heart is woven in this program throughout. It was motivating to hear experiences from other women and Deb’s feedback them. Take this course if you want to be treasured for you who are right now, and you yearn for a more complete, effective approach to your health goals. RR

Deb was compassionate with everyone and every issue, and very attentive to the class in the webinars and between. Overall, I lost 12 lbs and 4 inches off my waist, even though I was away from home for 4 weeks. My blood pressure and triglycerides are in the normal range now, and my good cholesterol is way up! I feel great, and full of self respect and compassion! JV

Still wondering if Weight Wellness Your Way will really revolutionize your ability to lose weight for good?

I get it.

It’s vulnerable to have hope when you’ve tried and failed so many times before.

I also know that if you stay on the path you have been travelling, the one that has you stuck and looping between Perfectionism, Collapsing, Avoidance, Rebellion — you will continue to struggle.

To get new results, you need a new approach.

One that helps you shed shame, and build the compassion you need to make self-care a top priority and to learn (not beat yourself up) from slips.

One that helps you with ALL the reasons you overeat (hunger, flavour, social, emotional, Eff It), and ALL the aspects of becoming nourished, not depleted (yummy food, movement, rest, play and connection).

One that helps you actually build the skills, habits and mindsets you need to transform in a lasting way, rather than expecting you to “just” do it.

You have nothing to lose but shame, frustration and weight by enrolling in Weight Wellness Your Way.


You’re protected by my 7-day, “love it or leave it” guarantee. You’ll be granted a full refund if you decide within one week of the course beginning on September 8, 2018 that it’s not for you, no questions asked. I am so confident that this course will meet your needs that I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say YES and experience the difference yourself!

I’ll let these lovelies have the final say…

Make this fall your season for self-care!

Online Course

Twelve weekly:

Online lessons on your computer

Webinars: live at 7 p.m. EST on Wednesdays (Sept. 12 – Nov. 28)

Webinar replays available

Worksheets to customize and deepen your learning

Discussion prompts in our secret and private Facebook group

Office hours to connect with Dr. Deb

Lessons, downloads and webinar recordings accessible  for one year


$397 CAD

Online Course Plus Coaching

Enhance your transformation by adding:

Three 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions via videoconferencing ($600 value)

Three 25-minute one-on-one sessions ($300 value)

May be reimbursable if your health benefits cover the services of a Reg. Psychologist

Includes the course

1:1 coaching limited to 15 spots


$1297 CAD

$997 CAD
(payment plan available)